Why humans are attracted to vampires?

The vampire is an inextricable part of our culture and our collective unconscious because of the link it has with our most basic instincts. We are attracted to the darkness and the seduction of these creatures – an attraction that is as a part of our humanity as our need for security and belonging.

We see them as a being to be envied and pitied. They do all that we long to – hunt, feed, seduce and escape into the darkness. They are mysteries wrapped in cloaks of dreams and nightmares who come to us in the darkness and offer both pleasure and pain, eternal life and eternal sleep. The vampire is a part of our collective unconscious, offering us a safe way to explore our darkest fantasies and needs in a safe, lyrical manner that also appeals to the poetry of the human condition.

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One Response to Why humans are attracted to vampires?

  1. rekaville says:

    Reka d/o Sadagopal (S3256402)

    Besides what has already been pointed out on the mystery of Vampires and the darkest lure that comes with them – another fascination we probably have is that they are immortals. Not just any immortal – but immortals with super strengths, lure/seduction and hyped senses. The wanting and urge to be frozen at the peak of youth into forever is a forbidden dream that we humans earn for.

    However, as it is unknown that nothing comes for free or without ‘strings attached’, somehow there have been rules added to being a Vampire. From inability to be in the sun – in the traditional sense cause you will be ‘fired’ or to the modern adaptation by Stephanie Meyer where you will start to sparkle. Also, through movies such as ‘Interview with a Vampire’ and even the Twilight Saga – being a Vampire is not always thought to be a blessing by these Vampires. So instance, the male star of Twilight Series – Edward Cullen believes that the life he leads is a curse and that he does not have a soul. This leads to his reluctance to change Isabella Swan (also known as Bella).

    Forbidden love with a Vampire was also very much amplified during Buffy the Vampire era too. Who can forget the whole ‘Angel and Buffy’ and then the ‘Spike and Buffy’ debacles? Buffy the Vampire Slayer fell in love with Angel – who was the only Vampire with a soul and did not feed kill humans for blood. Instead Angel stole blood bags from hospitals. However, their love came to a crashing standstill when the curse of Angel’s soul was not to be tempered with. It was one of the most painful experiences in my life to watch Angel walk away in Season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    While we are constantly entrapped into the idea of being with or being a Vampire (myself included) – it has mostly been deemed as a morbid fascination. ‘You will live, but the people you have known will soon cease’ syndrome to the inability to enjoy the warmth of the sun are just mere reminders of why we should be grateful for being…Human. Even Bella had to plan for faking her death to cover the trial of her existence as an immortal to Charlie.

    Would you give it all up for Love beyond time…forever Vampire loving? I know I would (since 1996, ha!).

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